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A Kayden Kross to Bare

Kayden Kross


A Kayden Kross to Bare

A Kayden Kross to Bare

Kayden Kross

The Kross in the Load


Men can be such silly creatures. Seriously, it’s a wonder the human race didn’t die out centuries ago. Now as far as we know, Kayden Kross has never said that personally, but Kayden happens to be a very bright person, so she has certainly thought it.

If you back your mind’s eye up in basically any social situation and just watch the body language of the men in the room as they approach the women in the room, you will notice — much more often than not, sadly enough — almost complete ineptitude in this most common micro-setting. Biological imperatives aside, it seems like the men really, really want sex, but they have absolutely no earthly idea how to go about getting it.

New Flash Folks: Women like sex too.

Go into the situation understanding that, and if nothing else, you’ll save a lot of time. If you happen to be in Hollywood, or any other major city, you might also save up to $20 per drink.

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.Billy Crystal

Even when it comes to our industry, the “business” of sexual excitement, men still predominantly control the actual production environments, and consequently this fundamental ineptitude when it comes to the sexual dance still rears (as it were) its frigid personality.

When a new woman visits her first professional set, all too often producers want to “ease” them into it by having the lass do an “easy” scene — a “simple” masturbation scene. At the risk of offending all those misguided males out there, ask any woman in the business, and she will almost certainly tell you, masturbation scenes are the hardest ones in which to perform.

Think about it: How many of us have any experience masturbating in a brightly-lit room full of strangers? How many of us regularly make a lot of noise while masturbating? How many of us jump up and down, and spin around several times, changing positions while masturbating? … If you actually want to make it “easy” on her, find out the sex of her partner at home, and then put her with one of those. This ain’t rocket science, gentlemen.

So why does this happen? Well, like most things sexual, it’s not a complicated answer: Men like to watch. And even men on porn sets want to see the new “girl” make herself orgasm. (Of course they would never fake that. Why even ask?)

Once you’ve seen one woman naked, you … pretty much wanna see the rest of ‘em naked.Ron White

Consequently, when a woman does as good a job of filming a masturbation scene as Kayden Kross does, she deserves special credit. Granted Kayden deserves credit for a lot of things in her career, but eloquence and personal stances aside, this scene has to be one of her most under-appreciated ones. We decided to appreciate it.

By the way, you want some quick advice about picking up someone — of either sex — for some sweaty adult fun? Stop concentrating so much on the IF and get right to the WHY. … You might surprise yourself. THEN you can show them a Kayden Kross video. If that doesn’t turn the mood to fun, you might as well just skip to the sandwich part. They have issues.


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